August 20-21 2021

It Is Time to Transition Into Your New Place Of Power!

About the Virtual Experience

The PIVOT for the Future-Virtual Experience is a powerful 2.5-day training and equipping conference for mothers to build your wellness core while you pivot out of the pandemic crisis…


Come learn from dynamic entrepreneurs, world changers, and powerful empowerment coaches. Get challenged and activated to impact your HOME for influence 

Just A Few Words

About The Event

You’re a mother…but you’ve been confronted with unprecedented challenges. From having to pivot your entire dynamics of your household, managing your job, business while scheduling everyone at home, to experiencing loss and heartache…We know it’s been tough!
As being in the place of leadership in your home you had to make the difficult choices in times like these, we know exactly what it’s going to take to move you from “I don’t know what I’m going to do” to “Wow, I have the exact strategy in tools to take me to where I need to—GO!” 


Your Home – Virtual Experience—->
that’s right join us in your pajamas. 


20-21 August, 2021 Friday to Saturday
If you are growing serious about leveling up your personal wellness while gaining the next steps to clearly communicate your loss sense of self since the pandemic.  All while creating a healthy lifestyle plan and developing strategy to reduce mommy stress and fatigue.  You have found the right place. Just click the link to order your FREE ticket Today! 

You Love Your Role as MOM but, lately you're wondering, How Can I PIVOT From Here?

  • Having too much noise going on around you to gain the clarity for a new mindset
  • Wanting to change your money earning potential, but not knowing how
  • Creating smooth systems in maintaining a healthy living lifestyle 
  • Getting results for you desire for yourself and your family
  • Stopping self-sabotage to gaining the confidence you lost in yourself
  • Getting lost in grief and loss and would like to unlock your peace

Sneak Peak Into The Schedule

Manage Your Pandemic Anxiety

Uncertainty breeds anxiety and we are currently living in some uncertain times. The compounded loss and trauma from the global health pandemic has stirred up a perfect storm for increasing anxiety.

Makeover Mommy Mindset

Does your motherhood feel heavy? The time we get to actively raise our kids is short, that time is too precious to spend feeling unseen, overworked, and overwhelmed. Join me to learn 3 simple mindset shifts so that you can quiet the inner critic, leave mom guilt behind and make your motherhood lighter.

Yoga for Mothering

When we think of yoga we might picture someone posing in intimidating pretzel shapes or glorious headstands on a wellness retreat. Yoga is so much more than this. Whether we’re in a yoga studio, at home washing the dishes, or going for a walk  Join Alecia Dawn, founder of YOGAMOTIF, to try grounding yoga practices for everyday mothering.

Opening in Sweet Surrender

Easeful and empowered transition from one phase of life to another requires us to open ourselves to new knowledge and ways of being. While these portal transitions are inevitable (whether via physically giving birth, or life phase shifts such as motherhood, career change, health changes…) how we physically and emotionally move through the portal can greatly impact our perception, ease, and success of the change itself. 

How Healing Your Inner Child Makes You A Better Parent

f you are caught off guard and unaware of your unresolved childhood issues, it becomes difficult to navigate parenthood. This is why many turn to unproductive behaviors to cope, or may even project the same unhelpful methods onto their own children, thus creating a cycle of what many deem “generational curses.”

A Financial Flex

Money is a mind game. A game that you can win if you have the right mind set. But like us all we must renew our minds, meaning we must take care of our mind, body, soul, and spirit. This sis will lead you to your financial freedom. Having children shifts the way we must prioritize. We are no longer only thinking about what we are going to eat, where we will sleep, if we have enough clothes or shoes. No, we are also thinking of another human being.

Meet Our


Monique Bathis

Registered Music Therapist -From Chaos To Harmony

Natasha Saman

Certified Coach & Founder- Unstoppable Woman, Inc.

Andrea Barber

Entrepreneur & Parent Advocate- Innergy Vending

Alicia Pittman

Real Estate Agent & Financial Empowerment Coach

A Few Words

About The Event Organizer

Syreeta Gordon is a trained birth doula, for over five years,  who has provided support and guidance to mothers throughout their prenatal, birth and postpartum period.  Her birth career started off in education  within public schools, youth programming, community outreach, as well as,  speaking within schools as a certified health relationship speaker among other skill levels.

Her calling began in birth-work after serving teen mothers through an organization called, “Sisters Saving Ourselves Now”.  And, later worked in pregnancy care centers where she has counseled and led parenting classes.

After meeting one black doula, that changed her life. She started serving mothers through a birth doula agency.  Where her birth training and hands on experience with various births on call all began. She has served over 30 plus births to date and has received her DONA international birth doula training.  She support expectant and new mothers with compassion, love and trust.

Not only a doula but she is a mother of (4) 2-by birth and 2- through marriage.  She is an author and founder of Kangaroo Birthing & Maternity Concierge and creator of Unshakeable Motherhood non-profit fiscal agency.  She believes our world needs mothers who feel encouraged, who feel seen and are validated to step out of the traumas of their now to lead a new story. 

As our culture faces unprecedented challenges, and the only answer to our troubles is for mom’s just like you and me to rise up, smash all doubts and make a difference. Now is the time.  As you are the perfume that lays the scent of influence in your home.  While we are waiting on a leader to step up to make a change. You are the manifestation we are waiting on. 

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