Six Ways to Gain Your Mommy Motivation Back When Depressed

Sad, hopeless and unimportant. These are words that the dictionary used to define depression. You may feel as if you are in a darkness that you can’t seem to get out of. You may be suffering in silence feeling as if there is no one who see’s you or who even cares.  This very serious medical condition that everyday people may throw around this clinical word too often. In the Webster’s Dictionary, it states feeling sad. You may feel as if you are helpless but there is a way to fight back the darkness that maybe all too consuming.

There are tons of voices out there like a Tony Robbins or Lisa Nichols that you can hit play in second on YouTube.  It will have you ready to crush your goals and move forward in your dreams.  But, what is going to sustain it.

I can not count the number of times and pivotal moments in my life where I felt sad, hopeless and unimportant.  Could it be the time I became pregnant at a time where I was living with momma and without a job?  Could it been the time where I realized the father of my child didn’t love me? 

Sometimes, it takes small steps to pull us out of life’s circumstances that may be pulling you further into a deep hole. There is light at the end of the tunnel.  You can pull yourself right out of it.  


You can begin by…


Becoming Your Own Motivational Speaker

Sometimes, we have a tendency to wait on other people to give us what we need.  When in reality everything we need is already deep down inside of us.  There are tons of voices out there like a Tony Robbins or Lisa Nichols that you can hit play in second on YouTube.  It will have you ready to crush your goals and move forward in your dreams.  But, what is going to sustain it.  What is the key to maintaining the consistency that you desire? I’ll tell you. It’s the Word of God. It’s living and active.  You can take a scripture and remove the “I” and place your “name” in place of it with the word of God believes about You!  Some people like to call it “Words of Affirmations”. As you begin to speak it over yourself, you’re going to be amazed at the result…


Take A Little “Art Appreciation”

This exercise may be a little hard for some people.  Because, we are so accustomed to people in our past or in our present that has hurt us with hurtful words spoken over us.  We took those words and created a false belief about ourselves.  One of the quickest ways you can begin to appreciate who you are.  Look at yourself in the mirror and read Psalm 139 out loud.  It will begin to revive you and restore you. As those false beliefs will be torn down to create a true belief.  Which is what the father is seeing you. He saw you when you were formed in secret. He saw the depths of his love for you when you were being formed in your mother’s womb. 


Talk to Your Daddy

We may feel a little intimidated to do this.  Your mind may be racing.  And, fifty things that you have to do in the day will begin to take over your mind.  Just the second you begin to pray.  It’s important to take a pause in your daily routine, your daily busyness or your daily responsibilities. It’s important to take a moment to be still. Your mind might be clouded by the problems you’re facing and situations you have no control over. He knows and is aware of all of them. This time you’re giving to him is not only for him. It’s important for you to slow down. Because your shoulders are not strong enough to carry and lift everything you have to bear. 


Write Down Your Goals

This is a game changer! Because, you may have all these ideas and dreams you would like to accomplish.  But, there is nothing like taking that pen and begin to write what you had in you mind on paper.  Something, powerful begins to happen.  As what you thought was a far stretch and impossible.  It becomes more attainable or real to you. Once you write them down hang them up where you can see them everyday.  Take one big goal and shorten them into smaller chunks. 


Establish A Routine

There are systems that need to be in place in businesses, schools or governments in order for them to run.  If these things weren’t in place there would be chaos.  So, why wouldn’t we govern ourselves in the same manner.  A routine is the surest way to stop yourself from being all over the place.  If you would begin your day by exercising, praying, showering or listening to an audible book.  Which could set your mind! The mind needs to be whipped into submission.  Those self defeating thoughts that will come up in the day. You have stopped them in their tracks.  Moving your body, quieting yourself or journaling those thoughts can release the negative cloud from storming again.  


Find Mentors 

When you want to go to one level to the next there is no better way to gain that but through mentors. You can glean a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from others who have gone before you and blazed the trail through barriers you may have not seen. Where they can share their successes and mistakes that they made along the way. Mentors can help you to gain clarity in your goals and to give you accountability in achieving the end result. Which is achieving what you deemed impossible. Mentors are there to help you. When you are drowning in your own self-pity, your own self-doubt and lacking the guidance that you need. There’s no better way to elevate to the next level than with someone coming along side you. 


These are all ways in which we could pull our boot straps up.  As we begin the process of self healing and moving into wholeness. 


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