Back To Me

Every mother begins with a story. It doesn't matter where she comes from or where she started..

Her story is the key to unlocking who she is, where she is going and the love she so desperately desires to possess.  In her memoir/journal, Syreeta teaches mothers “The Labor Method” a process she has developed to help women that have lost themselves, who need to be found and who now begins to realize it’s time to get “Back to Me.” 

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About the author

Syreeta Gordon is a wife, mother, writer and birth doula who's life's purpose is to guide women through tough life transitions.

After living through and growing through her own pain. She connected deeply with the women she served from pregnancy centers to the labor room. Where she felt ignited to share her own story as a vehicle to help face the dark spaces of our past traumas. She believes as we grow to know our own story. We will be less likely to repeat generational patterns.  As we begin to really perform the work to heal and to love ourselves completely. 

Syreeta comes with a gritty and fresh perspective as it relates to intimacy, love and all things motherhood.

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