A Guide To Finding Quality Childcare

A Guide to Finding Quality Childcare

Has your search for quality childcare in the midst of a pandemic been challenging? Well, if you answered, “Yes!”

We believe this interview will unlock some questions you had lingering in your mind and give answers to questions you haven’t thought of yet. Let’s talk about finding quality childcare…


Childcare has been one of the most pressing and lost asset’s that parents so desperately needed during the onset of the 2020 pandemic.  It is your lifeline to surviving if you are a working household.  One of the top priorities would be finding quality childcare that meets your individual and unique core family values. Sometimes, it’s difficult to actually find childcare that is convenient to your work commute while actually connecting to a facility that you could whole heartily trust with what you hold so near and dear.  That is your child….

We sat down with Nadiyah Al-Amin…. she answered the tough questions that maybe you may not have thought of.  Let’s dive into the guide to finding quality childcare….

Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

I’m a mother of three biological children and one bonus daughter, I have been around children literally, my entire life. I have, I’m the last of seven. So, I have six older siblings. And then I was raised by my half brother and his wife who did foster care, and then my sister in law had a daycare. So I’ve literally been around children my whole life, I have my bachelor’s in social work, so, and I work in Human Services, also my whole adult, professional life. So people are like my thing.

What should a parent look for in quality childcare?

So, I think you want to first, if you can have an opportunity to observe. It’s important  to observe the natural interactions between the provider and the children.  This will tell you a lot about the provider and how she’s upon or responsible. And, then we have an opportunity to sit with the provider and ask them more direct questions. Such as, How do you manage conflicts? How do you manage a child that may have special needs? I think if you’re a parent of a special needs child.  Also, have you managed various sibling dynamics in a daycare setting? Because, that can be challenging as well. So, you just want to ask questions that are really going to impact your child’s specific needs.

What questions should we ask when interviewing childcare facilities?

I think one thing that’s important, too, that we might not always consider as a community facility is that something happens in in the community, you need to ask the provider? How are you going to protect my child? Also ask, What if my child is having a rough day? And they feel whining all day? How are you going to manage my child, because it’s going to give you an idea of the mindset that the person has around child development. 

I think it’s critical that whoever is providing care for your child understand child development, because some of the cases that we see in children are natural to that child phase of development.  You must provide her a gift that he understands and has the skill set to be able to redirect to manage your child appropriate way Should you ask them? It’s important to ask do you have a background in childcare development? 

You know, something like that?  Or if that’s if that’s as important as how they will actually do it. You know, someone might be trying to self development, you might have good management skills of children, certain situations arise, you know, what, if you have a shy child, how are you going to engage my child.  The whole idea we send our children to child care, we want them to grow and develop as a little individual as well. We know that we want them to leave that experience with some skills that that maybe they didn’t have before. 

What are the differences in childcare facilities?

The traditional facility care, which is you take your child to a licensed non residential facility for daycare, there’s babysitters who comes to your head and you pay by the hour. There’s a nanny who kind of put them in this you’ve paid accordingly, parts per hour, or cover the bit. She paid accordingly, in taking care of children. And then there’s income daycare like myself, which is typically a smaller, more intimate environment in someone’s regimental home, where they live day to day, so their family members are also in out of that environment and potential

How can I keep my child safe in the midst of Covid-19?

Like my run in home daycare, I am still bound to covid regulations. So nine times out of 10 parents would stop at the door, the child or the parent has to stop at the door I’m going to take temperature performance and or wash our hands before we enter into the actual environment and that putting the child into the facility. You got to get the hands clean the temperature ageing, and that’ll happen twice a day. We’ll take it take it after that to make sure nothing is happening. So we’ve had to do that show and one might not go good. So I’m still going to be bound by COVID regulations and got one more to test positive for have to shut down, clean my own, you know, we’re on all be tested and make sure before I put her to bed, so I think parents who feel secure in systems the income facility doesn’t mean there’s no hole, we’re still bound by the same regulation facility with a shorter safety of staff. So would staff and loved children have to wear masks all day like younger children like her right now and in common man are not are not required to wear a mask, which is nice. But they are still required like weekly to be free. apart. So they’re still they still have to follow some type of regulation.

How can I navigate childcare costs?

But, if you were to come into the I would probably encourage to work that if you’re going to a daycare facility, we all know the top cost childcare, typically $30 a day is higher. And it really depends on the age of the child. So if you have an infant, it’s going to be even higher. If you have a young child her process and she’s older. So I’m wondering can you afford it can continue afford the facility or not. And if the Quality Center ain’t really like it, find out that there is childcare subsidy. So, they said that please sign yourself up for subsidy.  But, private pay options for people who can afford private pay, there are different payment options. Because their rates that I know started usually $30 a day, but but it there’s some type of subsidy involved where it can fit into your family budget. 

Absolutely, so if they’re going to base it off of the family income, right, so nine times out of 10, I think a family is already receiving some type of sick day, let’s even get to math, or they’re living in subsidized housing 10 times out of 10, they will qualify for childcare subsidy as well, which is going to cut back right and make it more affordable for families. So we’re a childcare facility at full time might be $43 a day, that families contribution might be only $15 a week.  Is it a long way to get that subsidy sometimes not usually like typically, if you’re already receiving benefits, and you already have a contact person, you already have a worker or you’re already receiving subsidized housing, or food, you already have a contact person who can help you get signed up for childcare. And it makes the process so much faster before we have someone who can assist you.

Important to ask if they are a teaching facility?

 I just encourage parents to ask that question. Be prepared for some facilities like my own, it will be a learning environment. It’ll be organic to how children naturally engage with their environment. So, we may not sit down and it looks like a classroom. But what we will do is have like colored napkins that might say so tell.  Can you catch all the purple to our friends? Can you get the pink cup for our friends that you want to because what you’re looking for the parents, there may be facilities where it looks more like a classroom, some parents, that’s very important to them. 

If you live in the Pittsburgh area. And, you are searching for childcare options.  You can reach out to Nadiyah Al-Amin yourself at nlalamin04@yahoo.com for additional questions.  


Remember, the key to finding quality childcare and researching facilities to fit your families needs, as stress free as possible. Ask the right questions and set up a time to observe the classroom. You have to take care of your family and be the advocate your child needs. So, take a deep breath. You got this! Take some of these tips from this interview and leverage it to your advantage.  

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Tell us about your journey in searching for childcare in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We would love to hear from you. 

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