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We offer women strategies and offer inspiration to guide you through tough life transitions so you can thrive in work from home, faith, business and love…

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Unshakeable Motherhood is the non-profit extension of Kangaroo Birthing & Maternity Concierge it is an exclusive group for new mothers, veteran mothers and soon to be mothers with similar desires and interest that launched on the Northside of Pittsburgh in 2019. It was through the seed of generosity of one small mini grant called “ONE Northside” through the Buhl Foundation that allowed this idea and vision to be possible. We hope to connect with mothers to build you up to be the best woman that God designed you to become…

Let's Unlock Your Peace, Purpose & Connection.

The Ignited Woman Series will help you gain clarity, identify your truth that will guide you to unlocking your fear. So, you could master your home, dreams and business.

Private Coaching & Mentoring Program

Private coaching calls dedicated to your growth & improvement + unlimited e-mail & text support.

Group Coaching

You will select a program that will give you powerful strategy that will meet your specific needs.

Ignited Woman Accountability Group

Are you struggling in staying consistent in your spiritual life. Let's work on building our GOD core.

What People Are Saying

Students that have taken the Ignited Woman Bootcamp!

"Ignited Woman Bootcamp helped me to basically conquer my fears and really walk in my purpose and and stand for humanity and love what I’m called into doing. It has paved the way for people like me who wants to help woman in diversity and in culture . I just want to say thank you "Ignited Woman Boot Camp."
Lavelle Kennedy
Birth Doula in Training
"IWB helped me a great deal. From adding my special sauce and showing how "unique" I am, to building my website, and to find a "freebie" to give to future clients, it has been a very wonderful growth process that I will never forget. Cause I will be changing my website with the seasons. Which means more growth! Thank you, Syreeta Gordon, I look forward to continuing our working relationship with more do-overs and questions. -Love you Girl"
Faye Goggins
Publisher and Author
"I thought this course was going to just be about building my website. However, it was more about building my confidence, building my platform, building on my vision. I learned a lot about myself. The Ignited Woman Bootcamp is a process that is both challenging and comprehensive. I walked away ready to show the world who I am, who/how I serve, and what I offer...i.e. my "special sauce'!"
Yolanda Wilson
Jewelry Boutique Owner

New Workbook
Thrive in Your Wilderness Season..

An easy-to-digest guide to help you get organized and focused when you find yourself in a place of unfamiliar territory.

Have you been feeling like where do I even begin. As we all had to pivot in this Rona  season in our lives. We found ourselves feeling stuck.  But, you are not stuck! This guide will give you guide posts to give you direction, planning and resources. Download it Today! 

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Six Ways to Gain Your Mommy Motivation Back When Depressed

When googling the definition of depressed it said it is a state of general unhappiness of despondency.

No School? Now What?

Since our lives has melted into one lump so to speak. We can restart by building a culture of learning in our homes.

Self Care Routine for the Postpartum Period

Creating best practices by doing positive things for our bodies, minds and spirits is vital for creating and sustaining happy, healthy lifestyles.

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